Ethical Corporation's second annual 2-day conference

On Business-NGO Partnerships
May 9-10, 2006, New York City

Over the two days, presentations from leading companies, NGOs and academics will focus on how to build and manage Business-NGO partnerships while tackling the strategy behind these partnerships. In the opening keynote session of the conference, Matthew Piasecki, Chief Commercial Officer at Visa International will discuss the central role of partnerships in defining business success and how partnerships between the public and private sector can deliver powerful returns on investment.

Topics to be discussed include:

  • Finding the right partner
  • How to measure progress and address key measurement challenges
  • Strategies for minimizing risk and conflict
  • What makes a partnership succeed or fail
  • How to set up and maintain clear communication between the business and NGO
Speakers include:

Visa * Timberland * Danisco * Merck * Intel * ExxonMobil * Philips Van Heusen * Dupont * Pfizer * Chiquita * Shell * Nokia * British American Tobacco * UN Global Compact * Rainforest Alliance * Interfaith Center on Corporate Responsibility * City Year * Unilever Canada Foundation * Wildsight * Oxfam America * People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) * Disaster Resource Network * Environmental Defense * Partners for Democratic Change * Future 500 * Free Enterprise Action Fund * American Enterprise Institute * U.S. Department of State * Ambassador of Botswana to the UN *

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For further information on the conference, please contact:

Caroline Estimé
Conference Producer
Ethical Corporation
+44 (0) 20 7375 7195

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Building a Better Future

The BUILD BETTER project is a grassroots non-profit competition to build the WORLD'S FIRST HYBRID CITY. A city that is sustainable socially, economically and environmentally.

The award will be invested on behalf of the winners into creating the first HYBRID COMMUNITY.

The Build Better team will offer the leadership in the White House, Congress and the Senate an opportunity to have a full presentation of the top three winners from each group

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