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What ads get your attention online? Probably not what you think. A new study of online advertising by behavioral marketing firm Tacoda shows that people tend to look at ads if they are not contextually connected to the rest of the information. In other words, if you want your pizza ad to stand out, put it into a technology story, not a food piece.

First exposures to ads for cars, computers and TV displayed out of context generated 17% more looks than when those ads were shown on pages where the content related to the ads, the research showed. And after the first exposure--when consumers are expected to tune out ads--out-of-context ads generated a stunning 54% more looks than in-context ones.

The implications of this, if it's true, could be shocking for not just online advertisers but for keyword search too.

1- Ruben's marketing weblog

I bet it’s very untrue for search engine marketing. Even if it turns out to be true, but there’s an important thing to remember: The view isnt as important as the click. Too bad they didnt research clickbehavior for irrelevant ads.

But yes, maybe for a branding campaign in search engines, this is a good thing to know. After all, you don’t pay for all those eyeballs anyway.

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