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Monday, July 19, 2004 6:45 AM
What Seth Is Doing
Halley Suitt on Creativity

I had a great visit to Seth Godin's office (which is much more like a museum, a zoo, a barnyard a superhero's lair and an artist's loft all combined, than an office, so the word hardly applies here) last week and I wanted to talk a bit about it.

First, if you haven't started following this very interesting project he's involved in at this link -- CHANGETHIS -- get cracking and go over there and check it out.

Their blog for the project is Read and Pass, and don't miss this post about their cool team -- Noah, Phoebe, Amit and Michelle. I had a great time talking with them and I hope they noted my reverence for their very fresh, young, brilliant ideas.

Imagine you were around when Dickens was essentially inventing the novel and on the streets of London once a week you could hear people scrambling for a copy of the weekly installment of his books. Yes, like waiting for the next weekly episode of West Wing or The Sopranos -- Londoners could hear the next chapter of Great Expectations slap the bricks of the street when newsboys delivered a pile of papers brimming with his new characters and adventures. Did those readers know he was not only writing a story, but inventing a new genre? He made it so good, they didn't care.

That's what Seth is doing. He's created a new short document he calls a 'manifesto' that is short and sweet and gets an idea across FAST and makes it UBIQUITOUS in a matter of days not months. This is no small thing in the business of publishing -- I mean traditional publishing -- which is so unbearably slow, it's nearly a non-business some days, if you ask me. A manifesto is not an ebook, it's not a pamphlet, it's not ... well, it's not a lot of things and if you want to see what it IS, wait and watch that site.

So that's the amazing thing about Seth. Obviously, what he's writing and what he's thinking about is always cool. But what's incredible is HOW he's doing it. I had to get there up close to see HOW he's thinking about this stuff. And it was mind-blowing, per usual.

Also the sushi lunch was the best, best, best ever -- and thinking of sushi, hey, Joi Ito, you reading this man? You better get over there and see what this guy is up to. You'll love it.


Joi Ito - 7/21/2004 2:48:10 AM
Thanks Halley. I'm on it! To the batmobile, let's go!
Todd Garrison - 7/20/2004 4:10:05 PM
Through his many other writings, Seth has inspired me to new heights of inspiration, ideas, and actions. I see this Manifesto going yet another step further in moving us all toward deeper effectiveness in our world. Why don't we just call it 'conversaction'?... and then get busy!
boo-hoo - 7/20/2004 12:21:53 PM
Conversation is ... nice. Action changes the world. The problem occurs when conversation is listened to or a piece has been written and read.That is all fine and dancy. It is what people then do that usually causes the strife. Once someone has an objection or a strong emotional response most people become defensive. This is when a great majority of conversations seem to shut down.
Nigel - 7/19/2004 10:10:48 PM
I like this idea. I have shared it with my network and look forward to the idass and the conversation that results.

We need ideas like this where the conversation will be heard, and thought about; and, people emerge slightly different as a result.

Conversation can change the world.


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