Looking For Worthwhile?

If you aren't a subscriber yet, you can find us on newsstands across the country at Barnes & Noble and Borders Book Stores, Whole Food Stores, and Wild Oats.

We are currently circulating over 100,000 copies with each issue. Worthwhile will be increasing print frequency to 7 issues starting in January 2006.

The Worthwhile Mission

Worthwhile is a new national magazine for readers who seek to make a difference while making a living. Its editorial mission is to put purpose and passion on the same plane as profit, offering a roadmap for readers seeking a more personally fulfilling and socially responsible route to business success.

Innovative Purpose

Worthwhile is the only business publication that focuses on the heart and soul of business as well as the brain. Today's successful consumer magazines - think O, the Oprah Magazine, Real Simple, Men's Health - thrive on the concept that readers can live better, happier lives. But each one is created for leisure hours, leaving readers in the office lobby to face the day on their own. That's where Worthwhile picks up. We understand that it's impossible to feel fulfilled in your life if you are unhappy (or even just sleepwalking) at work. Our work lives and "life lives" are intertwined as one; we do eBay at the office and answer emails at 10 p.m. Worthwhile's unique blend of inspirational, aspirational and practical articles and advice helps readers inject more fulfillment into their work lives, making their overall lives happier.

Unleashing the Passion

The psychology of the American professional has changed dramatically over the past decade or so. These days, a sense of meaning and a need to "do good while doing well" have become central to the mission of forward-thinking and sophisticated professionals. They are doers, not watchers, demanding leadership with clear vision of how to empower workers; embracing companies that are socially responsible; and seeking to work at organizations with a deeper sense of purpose. And they are the executives who understand that, in a knowledge based economy, creating a culture that places a high priority on employees as well as on customers results in better employee retention, higher profits and more value for stockholders. This passion spills over to their consumer behavior as well. They reward companies with socially responsible behavior and do business with the best corporate citizens. And companies, in turn, are responding with new programs aimed at showing they care more deeply about these issues than ever before. Worthwhile chronicles the changes, shining a spotlight on the corporations and individuals who are leading the way - and calling out those who still don't see their role in a larger society. No other business magazine can connect to readers on this gut level the way Worthwhile does.

Driving Profit

Want to reach professionals - both women and men - with amazing energy, tremendous passion and a deep desire for improvement? Worthwhile is the right buy. Our readers are the change agents, always searching for ways to make themselves better and to improve the quality of their world. They believe in the power of business to enhance communities and demand that connection in their purchasing decisions. And they are affluent enough at home - and powerful enough at work - to make that happen. They are the driving force behind the incredible growth of such brands as Whole Foods, Starbucks and Cingular Wireless. They buy laptops to work when and where they want. They travel on their own terms. And they have the means to enhance their lives with products and services they connect with, from luxury cars and watches to the latest fashions. These new consumers are changing the way all of America buys.

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