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Out of Our Minds
Monday, July 10, 2006 8:50 AM
Don't forget to say you will
Michelle Medley on Life

My friend Ron has a great story about the power of the possible. Ron told his son that his dream was to touch the Stanley Cup, the Holy Grail of hockey. His son scoffed, because most people never see, much less touch, that cup, which always travels with a handler.

Ron’s story resonates with me because I had a dream, too. I wanted to dance with the Rockettes. Never mind that I’m too old, too short and too often on the wrong foot. And Ron is too old, too short and doesn’t have hockey tix. We just believed that these things could happen.

Ron works for a company that supplies products to the Dallas hockey team. One day he went to the training facility and found himself talking with the team’s star player. As the pair talked, Ron saw a rack roll by, covered in cloth. What do you think was under that cloth? Thanks to the player, Ron now has a terrific picture of himself, touching The Cup.

Through the dance grapevine, I heard that the Rockettes were appearing at the local mall to promote the return of the “Radio City Christmas Spectacular” to our town. As a promo, they wanted to form the longest kick line in the city, so local dancers were needed. I dropped everything and legged it to the mall. Not only is there actual video footage of me, kicking with the Rockettes, but I also had the foresight to wear my “Radio City” T-shirt. A camera crew interviewed me about why I thought people should see the show. Can you imagine the thrill I felt at promoting one of America’s most enduring traditions? I have seen their sequins up close, and they are fabulous.

Ron touched The Cup. I kicked with the Rockettes. What do you want more than anything? Whatever it is, say you’ll do it. Or as the Isley Brothers suggest in that classic song “Shout,” "don’t forget to say you will."


Monica Ricci - 7/14/2006 10:21:44 AM
Another case of The Secret working just like it's supposed to. Awesome!
Don Scroggins - 7/11/2006 11:01:46 AM
Excellent example of "the universe is always listening". Saying you will opens the doors the universe can use to bring you what you want more easily, because you have given it the instruction, "if you will provide this opportunity, I will enjoy following through with this dream of mine". No matter what spiritual path you follow, it falls under the pray as if you had received clauses found in most religions, and allow the universe in faith to make it happen in it's own way. Congratulations to you both for fulfilling your two dreams. Very cool to see evidence of how it all works yet again, from another pair of sources. Thank you!


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