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Tuesday, May 02, 2006 3:04 PM
The Meaning of Work
Kevin Salwen on Passionate Work

Today's Wall Street Journal has an epiphany: People (in the case of this WSJ piece, lawyers) are no longer hot and heavy on rising the corporate ladder (in this case, partnership) unless there are rewards beyond money. Put simply, fewer people are willing to swap their hours for dollars absent of meaning. Success is being redefined.
Thank you, WSJ, for singing our song.  As readers of this site and our magazine know, we have been reflecting that growing sentiment -- and I might humbly add, cheerleading it -- for two years.  It's not your work, folks, it's your life!  You need to love what you do, or at least have what you do have the potential to be loved (hey, we're all for paying your dues).  What's inspiring to us is how many of us there are out there, smart achieving folks who refuse to sacrifice the majority of their waking hours in some soul-sucking or mind-numbing career just to have the nice house or Beemer after hours.  It ain't worth it, we now know.
Nice to see my alma mater (and Anita's) jumping aboard the bandwagon.


Stephanie West Allen - 5/4/2006 10:28:18 AM
I believe that work-life balance is not one-size-fits-all (I don't mean to imply that I think you do believe it is) and write about the need to let some workaholics be in the post to which I have linked here.
Noel Kingsley - 5/3/2006 3:32:34 AM
If you're happy and fulfilled in what you do....what more can you want? The key is to be happy as that helps us be healthy avoid harmful stress and lead a long life. Choosing what we do is important. Ask the question 'am I fulfilling my Purpose?' Does what you do resonate with your deepest needs and desires? Does it make you tick? See my recent blog on 'Purpose'. Noel Kingsley


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