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Thursday, April 27, 2006 6:59 PM
Why Start a Magazine?
Anita Sharpe on Business

From time to time, people ask us why we launched Worthwhile as both a print magazine and online. "Isn't print media obsolete?"
Well, no. There's something about the tactile and portability aspects of print that still make it the preferred medium for many readers. But beyond that, from a pure business aspect, print is the only medium where advertising can't be TIVO'd or blocked by ad screens. I recently discovered that I have an ad blocker on my Internet security system that prevents me from seeing a huge number of ads. How many of you have these blockers -- or are you even aware that you do?


gulliver - 5/1/2006 11:53:58 AM
I'm surpised no one's yet mentioned the advantage of a mag formatte dfor print then served as a pdf.
John - 5/1/2006 9:06:12 AM
Print and online both offer unique benefits for readers and advertisers. Online is a great source of information and way to interact. But, nothing is better than a magazine to spend time with. I so look forward to those minutes on my porch - feet up - cup of coffee in hand - getting lost in the pages of my favorite magazines. Most who spend the money to subscribe to a magazine, identify with it - even see themselves through it. That's a great environment and branding opportunity for marketers.
DK - 4/29/2006 5:15:40 PM
"If present readership trends continue indefinitely, says the University of North Carolina professor, the last daily newspaper reader will check out in 2044." http://www.ajr.org/article.asp?id=3885
Jason Feldman - 4/27/2006 8:47:16 PM
This is an interesting question. What the internet does have is accountability for advertisers. What a magazine doesn't have is any accountability...just because the ad sits in the magazine doesn't mean that anyone is looking at it. I am not sure if I understand the issue around a magazine and internet. They are both such different mediums. My generation (yeah, I am way younger than you) consumes media on the internet...I like to interact with people. Hey, I don't want to make you portable, I just want to hear what you (others) all have to say. I want it to be two-way. Thanks for asking. Back to ads...they impact me when I am shopping for something. They are great for branding.
Whitney - 4/27/2006 7:18:55 PM
I have these pop-up blockers on my work and home PCs. I wouldn't search one out and pay for it, but since they showed up on my new machines for free (from Google or Yahoo), I use them. Don't miss the pop-up ads that used to get in my way when I entered a site -- they were frequently as ill-targeted as junk mail.

I do pay attention -- half the time at least -- to the ads that are on the Web pages I view. Often, they're a little better targeted...albeit to a broad audience...than the pop-ups. Every once in a while I find a lead to a real gem of a product or service that I buy, or investigate and then recommend to my employers to buy.


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