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Out of Our Minds
Wednesday, April 19, 2006 4:14 PM
Can You Make Money Writing This Stuff?
Kevin Salwen on Technology

Since we're all bloggers these days -- heck, even my mother knows what they are now -- I thought it was worthwhile sharing a very interesting debate on wsj.com about whether people can actually make money in the blogosphere.


ochong eje - 4/20/2006 2:24:50 PM
i would like to have a look at the blog
Sherry Frewerd - 4/20/2006 12:17:04 PM
I publish several blogs and I at last count 10 websites that work along with the blogs. I am making money from Adsense with the blogs and get good traffic from my older blogs. The others are newer and building traffic. I tried the 'personal' touch when I first started blogging and the traffic just didn't happen. Now I'm focus on keyword research and stay within my niches. Blogs with good page rank help any new sites that I build get indexed quicker. For me, they all work together.
Brian Gardunia - 4/20/2006 10:35:36 AM
I think the key is the nature of the blog. Frankly, blogs like mine, are mostly personal in nature and thus not commercially viable. Few people even visit my blog so there would be no point in trying to make money from it. There are others that have a following and could make money in ad revenue or product placement. The other thing that I think is great as a commercial blog application is like Ben Bova's blog. He is a popular science fiction writer. I regurally read his blog to see what material is coming. The key is when a personality is linked to a commercially viable product. Then a blog can make money
Alex Chia - 4/20/2006 9:01:25 AM
It doesn't make sense for another person who pay to read a blog. Like most content off the Net, people expect it to be free. In order for someone to pay, the percieved value must be relatively high, such as financial advice from someone credible or some sort of philosophy. I really enjoy writing about history. If you can find someone to pay me to do that, heck, more than willing, but I really doubt it. If the contrary is true, hey, no sweat, man!
John Weiss - 4/20/2006 7:36:19 AM
Check out my space. I am a aspiring writer. If you have any ideas on the subject of writing, please email me. Thank you, John Weiss
Suzanne Wilson - 4/20/2006 12:41:35 AM
Blogging of course used in this way could do away with advertising as we now know it? Critics would number in the thousands probably even more but then seperating truth from fiction comes into play, difficult enough when gossip is through word of mouth what will happen when it comes from an online source?After all a lot of people believe everything they hear on the news,read in the paper or just about anything said by anyone.I could go on and on and I realize that some of this is already a reality but what will happen when everyone has a computer and that will be before we know it! Has anyone noticed how many ads on TV encourage the purchase of a computer (without a credit check)? Just a thought. After all I thought a few years that there was no reason for death through car accidents until I realized it was being used as a way to control the population and now this is being used in an ad for selling cars!!
Talia Kopecki - 4/19/2006 9:19:09 PM
I don't think one can really charge for someone else to read their blog...There are far too many people blogging nowadays for anyone to want to pay for a service that has been offered to them for free for a prolonged period of time...One could make money indirectly through use of a blog...For example, I'd been majorly yearning for some new work by Kevin Smith and then suddenly I found his blog via my yahoo...I later found that he'd also been posting on my myspace...Although his blogs are 100% FREE, he has mentioned his past films as he's been telling the story of his dynamic friendship with Jason AKA Jay and also plugging his new film that will hit theaters this summer...While the blog is free for anyone to read (And I totally recommend you go out looking for this one) , I believe he will have a much better opening box office for this particular film, because there is such early buzz and the blog is helping him get his trailer circulated through cyberspace in record time...He was even #1 this morning on the list of most popular blogs on my space...So, while I completely believe one can obtain money through blogging, I don't believe it will ever be from the blogs themselves...


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