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Out of Our Minds
Saturday, April 01, 2006 12:36 PM
Kevin Salwen on Culture

Has America's obsession with celebs peaked? Kurt Andersen, writing in this week's New York magazine, contends that it may have: "For years, I've thought that the intense fascination with famous people must be about to end and I've been repeatedly, egregiously mistaken. But now -- truly, finally -- I believe that we are at the apogee, the zenith, the plateau, the top of the market. After 30 years, this cycle of American celebrity mania has peaked. I think. I hope."

Need evidence? Andersen explains that "Nielsen ratings for this year's Oscars were down 8 percent, and for the Grammys 11 percent. During the last half of 2005, the Enquirer's newsstand sales were down by a quarter and Entertainment Weekly's by 30 percent. The American OK! is said to be unwell, the magazine Inside TV was launched and killed last year, and a magazine called Star Shop was killed before it launched."

Is he right? Celebs are the touchstone for so many of us. Dana Reeve dies and we all learn about lung cancer in nonsmokers. (And she was just married to a celebrity, not one in her own right.) Paris Hilton morphs from slutty cover girl to ad model. And it goes on and on. My bet: Kurt's wrong, celebs will live on and on in our psyche and media...


Harold - 4/3/2006 8:21:26 AM
And Kurt Anderson is just bloody jealous. His audience is blue-state, earnest NPR listeners while Paris preens about in a bikini washing expensive autos whilst hawking burgers. And K-Fed is offering $400/dance routines a overpriced clubs in major metropolitan areas. If Studio 360 would focus more on Brad and Angelina and not musing on the meanings of dreams with Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni (who the hell is that?) he might find himself on the cover of US or chattting on a VH1 program.

Living La Vida (Bloody Terrified) Harold!
harold - 4/3/2006 8:09:44 AM
Dead right! Celebs live on and on . Now, I'm off to draft another post to my blog 'K-Fed 24/7'.

Living La Vida (Bloody Terrified) Harold!


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