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Friday, December 16, 2005 3:21 AM
Work or Pleasure?
Evelyn Rodriguez on Life

I made it on my plane earlier today (or was that yesterday?) with nine minutes to spare. For the most part I spent what would normally be a stressful time in line watching the minutes slip by as I potentially miss my flight immersed in conversation.

'So where are you going?'

'Thailand, Sri Lanka, India.'

'For work or pleasure?'

That is a frequent question I am asked these days by strangers (btw, the two-month journey prep is what's kept me quiet on this blog of late).

Tough question to answer. Implicit in the question is almost the assumption that work isn't pleasure. Or they don't mix.

The friendly woman tells me she is on her way to Argentina to visit her parents whom are on a three-year church mission.

I bet they'd have trouble answering that work or pleasure question too.

Because when you are on mission, on purpose, the answer is simply Yes.

p.s. I'm on a self-motivated backpack journalism pilgrimage to tsunami-struck regions to talk with and share lessons from tsunami survivors and relief workers - from monks to fishermen to journalists to the bungalow operator that saved the guest family's kids to the Palo Alto photographer that shifted his career to create Operation Playground for tsunami kids and much more. Without any doubt I feel that these tsunami stories are the richest and most complex in my lifetime - and the bond I have as a fellow survivor helps in the telling. Check out TsunamiAnniversary.com. I'll check in here and write relevant content from the road for Worthwhile too.


Evelyn Rodriguez - 12/17/2005 4:19:55 AM
Thanks so much Kevin. It's already been very enlightening and I've only been in Bangkok one evening. Met with a chairman of architecture program at a local university whom is working on human rights issues regarding traditional communities including the sea gypsy minority and tsunami reconstruction.
Kevin - 12/16/2005 9:47:45 AM
Safe and joyous travels, Evelyn. Keep us posted on your fascinating and important journey.

I loved your phrase: 'Implicit in the question is almost the assumption that work isn't pleasure. Or they don't mix.' (I would have removed 'almost' but what the heck...)


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