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Out of Our Minds
Monday, October 17, 2005 11:15 AM
Mobisodes Killed The Video Star
Martin Flaherty on Technology

A few months back at the end of a post on a new technical
art form
, I asked, "What's next, ringtone operas?" And although it may be argued that there's a John Cage-esque quality to the sounds mobile phones make when digits are pressed, my question has gone unanswered. What has become clear is how our everyday digital devices are morphing into unexpected media outlets. For instance Apple's announcement last week of the first iPod video player that can play 150 hours of video is a real game changer. But the most facinating thing I've seen is the emergence of mobile phone specifc media content. Sure, you may have heard of Britain's love for the Crazy Frog mobile phone ring or the mutimillion-dollar market in ringtone sales, but take a look at the efforts to create original television content for your mobile phone. Viacom, Fox, Warner Bros. and others are experimenting with the creation of mobisodes.
Currently this is a significant (and profitable) trend in Asia, but a version
of the show 24 as well as a host of others have been tailored specifically to be viewed on your phone.

I'm really curious about this. I shudder at the thought of Bill O'Reilly raging in his bombastic, self-assured glory over my little Nokia 7610. But as long as the little hang-up icon remains on my keypad, I'll be fine.

What do you think? Are you anticipating your favorite show being ported over to your phone or iPod? Or do you believe, as Steve Jobs said repeatedly before he changed gears last week, that people do not want to watch videos on a tiny two-inch screen?


martin flaherty - 10/17/2005 8:19:50 PM
Benja -

You're likely right. But they've adapted 24, an action drama, for a mobile phone. And according to the NY Times article about it, it features lots of head shots as opposed to chase scenes due to resolution levels.

I can see them addressing this issue with better tech' but agree that there needs to be a bigger step forward for it to really work.
benja - 10/17/2005 1:38:23 PM
Maybe this works for sitcoms, but what action or drama event -- let alone sports -- would be worth watching on a 2 inch screen. My hunch is that the next shoe will drop soon: bigger screens that either fold or can be easily attached to the iPod.


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