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Out of Our Minds
Monday, October 17, 2005 12:58 PM
Happy national boss day
Curt Rosengren on Business

Happy National Boss Day!

In anticipation of the occasion, The Seattle Times asked readers to share stories of bosses they've loved and bosses they've hated.

They ended up with some shake-yer-head-in-disbelief stories, and some touching stories.

How about you? Any stories about your favorite boss, or the boss from hell? What has made your best bosses so good? What has made your worst bosses so bad?

While we're on the subject, Ajilon Professional Staffing just released the results of a survey of American workers (625 respondents) where they found that:

* 54% felt that, 'You could never pay me enough to take my boss' job.'
* Women felt this aversion much more strongly (68%) than men (42%).
* Employees were more likely to pity their bosses than to envy them (21% vs. 8%).
* 30% rate their bosses as a 'champion' 11% as 'hopeless,' and 50% describe them as 'adequate.'
* Only 29% of American employees surveyed believe their boss truly looks out for them.

1 comment

Soni - 10/18/2005 1:41:30 AM
As a retired exotic dancer, I have to say that I've had my share of certifiably insane bosses (or bosses girlfriends, which in that biz essentially becomes the same thing).

Let's see...there's Tony the wannabe mafia (in North Carolina fercryinoutloud, and how sad is that) who used to shoot the coffeemaker with a 9 mil whenever he was in a snit. Or his manager Bill who was so hopped up on pharmaceuticals most of the time that he forgot to do things like order basic bar supplies and finally grew so paranoid that we used to entertain ourselves by *Bill* sliding his name into *Bill* conversation subliminal-style *Bill* just to watch him twitch and swivel his eyeballs wildly around trying to find out who was plotting against him.

Then there's Frank, of a certain age somewhere between 'a schizophrenic hooker who doesn't take her meds is a great girlfriend choice to boost my flagging spirits' [I am not exaggerating] and Medicare. In hindsight, perhaps he has figured out that even on her good days, with meds, she was not the one he needed to be taking business advice from. And she had absolutely no business being up on stage, either, since she had a tendency to attack customers with broken bottles if they didn't tip her seriously shopworn self.

Ahh, life in the entertainment biz. At least now, being a solopreneur, if the boss is being a jerk I can usually subdue her with promises of good Chinese food and a Law and Order sloth-fest. :-D


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