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Out of Our Minds
Tuesday, October 11, 2005 3:08 PM
Love is a Big Business
Anita Sharpe on Passionate Work

(And we're not talking about what you think we're talking about.) Worthwhile reader Eben Carlson just dropped us a line about what he has been observing in the work world. It's worthwhile reading:

'I've been crossing back and forth between art and commerce for years and years. And have gotten a decent amount of specifics around what Worthwhile already knows: that people are demanding engagement and passion--meaning--in their lives.

It actually goes much, much deeper than that, as I'm sure you are aware. Our entire society is undergoing a radical re-ordering of its priorities, with love and culture poking its head out everywhere from 'emotional' branding to Level 5 Leadership, from Tom Peters to Peter Drucker. In a sense, it's become so rare that love is now big business. As well it should be. Only very few businesses are set up to maintain or distribute it. Let alone create it.

What I see coming together is a world where we're all more 3-D. The left has given us wonderful values like organics and sustainability, and is working on embracing the higher price points that will be necessary to continue to grow the economy as consumption moves from mass to manageable. And is looking for a way to escape the lowest common denomenator aspect of social togetherness.

Normally more comfortable with creativity and the unknown, those of us on this side could also stand to introduce a bit more strength and structure into our thang.

The more right tending among us have built a fantastically efficient mechanism for production and distribution of the material we need to live and work. And a way for individuals to achieve phenomenal heights. I see them beginning to explore the abstract world of emotions, interdependence, creativity, and personal growth.

These concrete types could usually let their freak flags fly a little higher, looser, longer.

In a very real way, this movement is the dualistic world of opposites meeting, clashing, and merging--coming to terms with what we have to show and learn from each other. It's being repeated on macro and micro levels around the world. A lot of people feel threatened and many see only the chaos, but it has a very real and constructive direction and purpose.

And, of course, the world that's emerging is so radically beautiful, we almost don't believe it's possible. One of the reasons it's long in coming.

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