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Out of Our Minds
Wednesday, August 24, 2005 10:36 PM
Good Day Sunshine
Anita Sharpe on Creativity

Anyone who has known me for, oh, 5 minutes, knows what a big Beatles fan I am. I use Beatles metaphors the way other people use sports jargon; when I invoke the 'B' word, many of my colleagues roll their eyes or run for the hills. Nevertheless, as Paul McCartney once sang in a Wings song, here I go again.

The New York Times had an interesting op-ed piece today on why we still care about the Beatles. Part of it, of course, is that culture has never been overhauled they way it was 40 years ago by these four guys. Why do you think that is?

'. . . above all else the Beatles were fun; had they not been, they would not have enjoyed so much effect or such staying power.

But fun on the level that the Beatles managed to achieve - at least in those days - implied more than a collective, thrilling scream. We remember the Beatles for their music and spectacle, but we celebrate them because, when they stood before their American audiences in 1964 and 1965, we witnessed the social and cultural power that a pop group and its audience could create and share. From there, I guess, you measure how much we've learned, or how much we've lost.

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