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Out of Our Minds
Friday, August 05, 2005 10:44 AM
Thought for the Day: Friday
Anita Sharpe on Creativity

'I'm willing to be regarded as a tyrant to keep my vision intact. I've auditioned 900 dancers in order to hire four of them. It takes a certain steeliness of character and an intense dislike of failure to tell 896 people that they are somehow lacking in your eyes. But I don't care if I torture casting agents and scouts and staff; if they send me 100 consecutive dancers who almost intrigue me, but not quite, I'll tell them, 'Get me more. Get me different.' I'll say I'm sorry for being so ornery, but I'm not really apologizing. Neither should you when it's your judgment on the line.' -- Twyla Tharp


Jeffrey - 8/5/2005 5:25:18 PM
I echo Frank and would add that Twyla's effort with Movin' Out certainly are about genre-busting and big business.
Frank - 8/5/2005 4:19:21 PM
Sam -- I'm a business person who read Twyla Tharp's book, 'The Creative Habit,' which I believe this quote is from, and found it much more useful than typical business books which tend to go over the same ground. I'm not sure this is the best observation from that book, but it's full of good thoughts that go well beyond the field of dance. (Her dance company, by the way, is quite a big business.)
sam - 8/5/2005 12:47:41 PM
long live fame, dancing as a creative outlet is what bowling is to athletics. She sounds more annoying than exact, any thoughts on business? the analogies to dance and writing are tiresome.
Grace J. - 8/5/2005 11:21:44 AM
Isn't it interesting that some of the most successful people (Martha Stewart comes to mind) are also the most exacting. People who work for/with them often (usually?) hate it. But it's what separates great from merely good. It's particularly hard, I think, for women to do this because most of us were raised to please other people and not cause trouble.


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