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Friday, April 08, 2005 7:40 AM
Doing well, doing good
David Weinberger on Making a Difference

Kurzweil Educational Systems makes systems that read pages aloud to the blind and dyslexic. It's been through some tough times since Ray Kurzweil built the first prototype in 1976, including being acquired by the felonious Lernout & Hauspie, a conglomerate that took most of the companies it bought with it when it failed...and by 'failed,' I mean the owners were dragged away in handcuffs. Now KES has been acquired by Cambium Learning, a company serving 'at-risk' students. The good are devouring the good! And it is a good thing. I hope KES continues to be happy, productive and profitable in its new home.

I know folks at KES. In fact, I'm related to one. So, I know for a certainty that the company has been focused for years on doing something good in the world. And their work has integrated them into that community in a way that would make marketers drool. Have I mentioned that the company is profitable?

It's nice to know that sometimes, it all works.


David Weinberger - 4/8/2005 1:41:02 PM
Laura, the good news is that KES has been doing very well in the post-L&H era. And I *think* the voice recognition software L&H was sellling was in fact DragonSoft's, which is still available; it would have been terrible if those bastards had taken DragonSoft with them when they looted their company.

Sorry about the stock loss, but what great news about your vision!
Laura Bergells - 4/8/2005 9:59:33 AM
I bought the Lernout & Hauspie 'Voice Xpress' in 2000: a very impressive product that came packaged with a mike, headset, and digital recorder. It still works like a dream!

A few months after I bought Voice Xpress, I bought L&H stock. And a few months after that, the headlines screamed that the L&H principals were being hauled away to a Belgian prison. Ouch.

I sold the stock.

I have since regained sight in both eyes. But I still use this outstanding product. In fact, I used the headset and mike to record my first podcast just yesterday!

It's a shame when great products that can help so many people have to sit on the shelf for years -- due to greed. Let's hope the Cambium folks can regain the momentum that had been lost.


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