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Out of Our Minds
Tuesday, January 04, 2005 4:57 PM
Today's Quote: Tuesday
Anita Sharpe on Passionate Work

'Without work, all life goes rotten. But when work is soulless, life stifles and dies.' -- Philosopher Albert Camus


sarah - 1/5/2005 3:23:41 PM
I believe nobody can find fun from their work, except a new job. It can't keep a long times (just a few months).

Job is just to earn money. We can only enjoy our life after work or holiday if you can earn enough money.
anita - 1/5/2005 9:24:11 AM
I agree with Sanyika. We have been deluded for too long that work is supposed to be unpleasant. Work should be fun. I actually find that I enjoy working the most when there is no pressure to work. For instance, I had planned to take a break over part of the holidays and I did in the sense of not going into the office everyday -- but I worked every day and found I loved what I was doing.

Part of the problem with work in America -- and most likely why Milo calls it 'soulless' -- is the corporate world is too bound up in rigid rules that don't work anymore: set hours; required face time; long, pointless meetings; busy work.
Sanyika - 1/5/2005 12:25:20 AM
I have to disagree with the comment that the majority of people work in soulless jobs and that anyone who works is an idiot for working. In fact, I tend to agree with the quote from John Wood (the ex-Microsoftie) on page 22 of the premiere issue, 'I'm so passionate about our work that the hours don't bother me at al. My theory is that the less people like their jobs, the more they focus on balance. But balance doesn't really matter that much if you really love what you do.' I second that. Besides, work allows the world to work because to have hope and faith for a better tomorrow with no action/work is an exercise in insanity.
milo - 1/4/2005 11:51:25 PM
99% of people who work, work in soulless jobs

working for a living sucks unless you are part of that 1%

of course if you are, you're an idiot for working


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