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Out of Our Minds
Thursday, December 23, 2004 1:09 PM
Not That You Have Anything Better to Do
Kevin Salwen on At Home

... on Christmas morning, that is. But for those who happen to be idle that morn, (good Lord, how can that be???) you can catch me on MSNBC during the 8 a.m. hour talking about Worthwhile and about a New Year resolution for a happier career. It's taped, btw.

We've been getting some great press lately, so check out the About section of our site with stories about us. Great story in last weekend's Washington Post.


Kevin - 12/26/2004 9:54:04 AM
My appearance was so fascinating to my family that my 10-year-old son almost got off the computer to check it out.

Now, to fill in one thing the anchor forgot to add: The website (which didn't get mentioned) is worthwhilemag.com, and it's where you'll meet some absolutely fabulous people. Y'all are great.
Rennie - 12/25/2004 4:15:49 PM
here with my family in NC we gathered round the TV at 8am, clad in fuzzy PJs, and watched Kevin in his red tie cheerily chatting about the roadmap to career happiness.

Nice job.

And here's hoping that Worthwhile continues to catch on and reaches an even wider audience in 2005!
Mike Kavanagh - 12/24/2004 5:46:14 AM
Great to hear Worthwhile is getting publicity - may that spread far and wide. Just a note to say how neat it has been to use the give a gift section of this web site, an easy way to buy a great gift and those who have received the gift subscription card have been very touched that I thought they were 'worthwhile'. I hope to make this an annual gift for all the special folks on my list. Thanks Worthwhile for making gift giving both special and easy!


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