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Tuesday, December 07, 2004 1:30 PM
Applause, Applause
Kevin Salwen on Creativity

Finally, a company with a sense of humor! Monty Python has announced that they will be opening a new Broadway show, 'Spamalot' in March based on 'Monty Python and the Holy Grail.' 'Spam is the holy grail of canned meats,' says Python member and the show's lyricist Eric Idle. And who doesn't want to see a show described by Idle as 'as good as or quite likely better than any other show with killer rabbits and a legless knight opening on Broadway or in Chicago this season.''

So, what do the folks from Hormel do in response? 'Protect the brand' might be a mantra you'd hear out of other companies; 'sue the hell out of em' might be another. Not here. Hormel is laughing along -- and issuing a special edition Python can version of Spam. Hats off to Hormel -- other companies please take note.


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Chris Yeh - 12/7/2004 6:47:28 PM
Looks like Hormel learned its lesson--a couple of years ago, Hormel actually sued Jim Henson over his use of the name Spa'am in 'Muppet Treasure Island'!
Yvonne DiVita - 12/7/2004 6:09:49 PM
Welcome to the 21st century! Spam gets it...but there are dozens...no, hundreds of companies that don't. This is how to get customers. SONY, take note. (don't know about SONY? Visit Jason Calacanis's weblog: http://calacanis.weblogsinc.com/entry/1234000830022556/ to find out what's up.
martin - 12/7/2004 3:54:15 PM
As a thanks to Hormel I'm buying a tin of Spam on my next trip to the store. Heck, I'll stop in to a Whole Foods and ask if they can get it for the experience alone.

Spam, like Coke has reached a level of cultural ubiquity dreamed of by all marketeers. Sadly, few brands have an actual sense of humor no matter how happy the folks in their commercials look.

I bet the marketing folks at Treet are bummed.
Mike Kavanagh - 12/7/2004 2:45:42 PM
I remember one time doing a story about Jimmy Carter's campaign coming through Williamsburg Virginia and creating some pleasant havoc for a local bed and breakfast. I thought it was a nice report - the operators of the place were thrilled and the people who were visiting were thrilled that Carter had 'disrupted' their day -- but the Carter campaign folks just drilled me for running such a 'negative' story and then issuing a formal response denying that anyone had been inconvenienced. If they had just basked in the publicity and realized that Carter's smile and handshake had won over a bunch of people - but nooooooo. I never understood why they just didn't wrap their arms around the story and enjoy the publicity. Good for Hormel - they 'get it.'


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