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Out of Our Minds
Wednesday, December 01, 2004 9:41 PM
The Demand Side Wins, Hotel Edition
Kevin Salwen on Travel

I'm headed for New York next week and I've got sticker shock. It's not the airfares: Despite oil prices that are crushing the airlines, I'm still paying less than $200 roundtrip without a week's advance purchase. No, I'm talking about hotels, where I'm paying at least 40 percent more than I did a month or so ago.

Some of it, of course, is tourist eagerness to catch the New York Christmas spirit. But the fact that I'm being forced to pay more than $300 a night for a hotel room midweek is clear evidence that it's more than just tourism driving up prices. The fact is, business is booming. Hotels can raise prices aggressively because they're booked -- it's the demand, stupid.

On one hand, I'm thrilled New York is doing so well. In the post-September 11 environment, the city deserves some good fortune. On the other hand, the price tag is more than a little tough to swallow. Anyone figured out any tips for hotel frugality?


Jeffrey - 12/2/2004 5:05:52 PM
Echo the Priceline recommendation and while I can't remember the site's name, I know there is a web site that tells you the winning bids of people for Priceline rooms so you can better estimate your own bid. It's also a great time to be use hotel points if you accumulate them with Starwood which doesn't have blackout dates for its properties. That's what I'm doing for two midweek December nights in NYC.
martin - 12/2/2004 2:30:07 PM
Eric is right. December in NYC is one of the busiest (maybe right up there with Fashion Week) and worst times to get a hotel. Believe it or not, if you want a discount, book through Priceline. You can't choose your hotel but you can choose class of service and neighborhood. I've used it this time of year and got a great deal.
Eric McNulty - 12/2/2004 1:18:47 PM
There's no busier time in NY than the first couple of weeks in December -- no matter what happens to the economy. If you go after mid-month, prices tend to drop a bit. Otherwise you are at the mercy of the market.


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