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Out of Our Minds
Tuesday, November 23, 2004 6:22 PM
Thought for the Day: Tuesday
Anita Sharpe on Passionate Work

'The final and most important decision in the process of finding the work you love is the decision that you have found what you are looking for. This means to definitely and unequivocally claim that you know what your work is. We are often afraid to declare what we really want because it puts us on the spot to do something about it. Yet for many, making this claim is the only step required.' -- Laurence G. Boldt (from How to Find the Work You Love)


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Mike Kavanagh - 11/26/2004 10:54:56 PM
I tell my granddaughter to always appreciate the workers who wait on us and to say thank you. I want her to understand that the waitress in the coffee shop, the clerk in the retail store and the butcher who cuts the meat at the grocery store are all special people. Letting them know we appreciate their devotion to their work confirms the value of that work. I also love pointing out the worker who is going out of their way to help us as a truly special person. Anita is right - we must claim the importance of our work. But I love even more her story of those who affirm that importance for the person who is working for us. Thanks Anita!
g - 11/24/2004 1:15:25 PM
Good post.

Deserves a response.

Bit long-winded, here goes...

'I do business stuff', through consults and ventures I design, build and repair commercial enterprises.

Before we all nod-off in boredom, let me add the kicker.

Considering commerce to be a vital opportunity to 'do something good' - rather than just make money - I want to live and work accordingly.

Caring not a rat's arse how glib it sounds, in wanting the world to be a better place for my having been here I'm selective about what I do and with whom I work. No a-holes or stuff which f**** up the world... I'm trying to meet personal objectives and pay rent by working with projects and people who want to create meaningful messages, products and services. Genuinely worthwhile things meeting real needs - not greed. So, with a keystone of 'ethical' and guided by 'appropriate', I try to do my stuff in a way that makes sense - and a difference (however imperceptibly small it might be).

So yeah... 'Consider me an activist who works in commerce - rather than a businessman who wants to do good.'... that's me. Now, how's about you?


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