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Wednesday, September 22, 2004 7:47 PM
Customer Service, the Way I Like It
Kevin Salwen on Travel

Halley recently posted a terrific item on this site about how she had felt screwed by her cell-phone provider as she went to buy a new phone. All the goodies, she rightly grumbled, went to new customers while the loyal, existing folks were hosed.

So, I'm thrilled to offer a more positive tale of customer service -- in the airline industry of all places. I booked a flight from New York to Atlanta on AirTran, then just shortly afterward found out that I had to add another meeting in New York. I would miss my flight. I called AirTran to explain my problem and the agent offered a quick comeback that a change would cost me $50 if she were to switch it. I felt my entire body tense. But, she quickly added, that's only because the computer system would force her to put in a change code. Instead, if I flew standby on the next flight there would be no charge and -- she noted without my asking -- there were 50 open seats on the later flight and no chance it would fill up.

Do I wish the computer system had been set up to make my life easy? Sure. But more than that, I appreciate the advice and guidance of an agent who cares about customers.

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