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Out of Our Minds
Monday, August 16, 2004 5:41 PM
How we spend our work days
Anita Sharpe on Culture

If we need any more proof that our work/non-work hours have merged. . .

Nearly half of all people between 18 and 34 use the Internet at work for personal stuff 'all the time or often,' according to a comScore/American Demographics survey. The same is true for about 40% of people up to the age of 54. 'Gen Y sees Internet use at work far differently than those who are older, i.e. not as 'counter' to productivity, but as contributing to it,' according to the current American Demographics magazine. 'This age group doesn't view at-work and at-home Internet access as being a whole lot different from each other.'

And the younger you are, the less television you're watching.

This is not lost on advertisers, who are shifting major ad dollars away from TV and on to the Internet (if marketers could only figure out a way around flashing banners and buttons.)

Interesting forecast: prescient tech guru Esther Dyson predicts in the same

issue of American Demographics (July/August) that power will shift to the individual by 2020 as more people go into business for themselves or at least contract out their services to companies. 'That's a subtle but really important shift,' she observes '. . .the ability to blog rather than consume mass media; it's going to be a fragmented world.' \n\nAnd an even bigger challenge to marketers.

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