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Tuesday, August 10, 2004 4:12 PM
What's Missing from CEOs' Lives
Anita Sharpe on Business

I've been reading a fascinating book, Aspirations of Greatness, by Jim Warner, which looks at why so many successful people reach a point where they don't feel fulfilled.

When Warner asked 200 CEOs to rank 53 personal issues based on their desires to address those issues, the 2nd, 3rd and 4th priorities were:

2. I'm ready for a change

3. Vague personal mission statement

4. I have more talent than I am now using

What was No. 1? Not surprisingly -- the desire for financial independence.

When you think about that, for many of us, financial freedom simply means having the wherewithal to fulfill all those other priorities. So why do most of us focus on getting the money first?


Jack Quinn - 8/12/2004 3:43:56 PM
None of 2., 3., & 4 is a credit to any of the 200 CEOs.

2. The CEO is afraid of change. Better the devils we know than the ones we know not of.
3. The CEO doesn't know what he/she is doing or where to aim. Where will the leadership come from?
4. Talent is useless if a CEO doesn't have the character to use it.

Their concentration on money is exactly the wrong thing for a CEO to focus on. Money is not a product or objective of any business, it is the by-product of doing a business right.

CEOs like these account for the demise of many a great American business. I wonder why the Boards of Directors hire them...and who hires the Directors?
Ty Moddelmog - 8/11/2004 3:02:38 PM
If financial independence is someone's number one priority, then doesn't that become, by definition, his 'mission?'
Brent P. Newhall - 8/11/2004 10:04:22 AM
Money stares us in the face every day. Our personal mission statement doesn't.


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