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Out of Our Minds
Friday, July 09, 2004 12:26 PM
Progressive Values = Pro-Business
Anita Sharpe on Business

'Pro business' and 'traditional/conservative values' have been psychologically linked about as long as peanut butter has been paired with jelly.

But what really fosters business growth? Embracing tradition or encouraging progress and change? Consider Atlanta, which became the business capitol of the South largely because of three things: while other Southern cities circled their wagons, Atlanta built a huge international airport and invited the world to come; while other Southern cities clung to segregation, Atlanta became 'the city too busy to hate' and pioneered racial harmony; and while other Bible Belt cities labeled us 'sin city,' Atlanta leaders long ago knew that the world would not beat a path to our door without liquor by the drink.

Believe me, the latter was a BIG deal a half century ago, when, in many minds, the road to hell was paved with shot glasses.

Atlanta was built on bucking traditions. Because of its historical acceptance of differences and diversity, the city today boasts among the largest African American, Jewish and gay populations of any city in the U.S. And it's no longer just the business capital of the South; Atlanta claims more Fortune 500 headquarters than any U.S. city other than New York and Houston.

That may or may not be something to brag about, but it suggests that 'pro business' and 'traditional values' may not be such a happy couple after all.


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Charlie - 7/9/2004 5:07:06 PM
OK, I'll grant you your assumption: that 'conservative' pressures may have kept Atlanta from becoming a world-class city (well, sometimes, it is, anyway!)

But, some would argue that Atlanta is no better off as a business and commerce worldly city. They would say that that 'progressive' leaning has turned Atlanta in the monster that it is today.

And having said all that, is there some connection or reason for the more 'conservative pressures' - earlier bar closing times, financial and political accountability, etc. - that are coming into play SINCE Atlanta has become more world-class?
anita - 7/9/2004 4:32:36 PM
Are you saying that cities like Atlanta, New York and Houston would be what they are today if they had turned their backs on social/racial progress? Would Atlanta be where it is today had it buckled under to strong conservative pressure to ban liquor by the drink? I don't know any political or business leader here who thinks so.
Boris Anthony - 7/9/2004 4:21:22 PM
How about we put it this way:
Open minded = open for business.

Change is progress. Conservative... by definition, means resisting change.

Walker's dad - 7/9/2004 3:51:30 PM
Correlation, causation,...
I honestly cannot follow your connections. The things you link together to prove your point make no sense. So when I point to all of the conservative/traditional values that still work will I have refuted you?
I think Atlanta has more going for it than the lame progressive argument you just tried to make.


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