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Saturday, June 19, 2004 1:15 PM
The World Is Flat and I Can Change It
Kevin Salwen on Life

Through some amazing karmic convergence, Halley and I had flat tires on the same day this week, a thousand miles apart. You can read her post below about her call to AAA and their great customer service. My experience was quite different: I called Ford's road service and learned that my warranty on my pickup truck had expired. For $65 they would send someone to change my tire.

I'm cheap. So, I decided to change it myself, but also that my 9-year-old son should help. Every kid needs to learn to change a tire, I figured. Plenty of it was muscle work that his 70-pound body couldn't handle -- loosening lug nuts, lifting and moving the old and spare tires. But there was much he could do, from cranking the jack to tightening the nuts to putting on the hubcap. And after all, I'd changed plenty of tires in my day, albeit none in the past 20 years, since tire quality has improved and roadside service is now so commonplace.

When we finished (it took about 45 minutes), I realized two things: First, that my son might never change another tire in his life, so the lesson was more a moral victory than a real Mr. Fix-It-style eduction. And second, that I had left my 11-year-old daughter upstairs IMing her friends while the guys did the work. That was a mistake; I'm rooting for another flat for her turn. Well, maybe not.

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