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Out of Our Minds
Friday, April 23, 2004 4:51 PM
Have a ______ Day
Kevin Salwen on Culture

I went through the checkout line at my local Kroger this week and as I was receiving my change, the cashier offered up, 'Have a blessed day.' It's not the first time that has happened, but the phrase always flummoxes me; I never want to say 'You too' because, well, it's not how I practice religion. Too out in the open for my taste and beliefs.

But it got me to thinking: What if everyone just came up with a phrase that could startle? We could have some real fun offering it up in the elevator in the morning. Just pick your adjective. Have a crappy day. Have a gay day. Have a cloudy and cooler day.

Reminds me of one of my favorite T-shirts, featuring the Have a Nice Day style but instead of the smiling mouth, it was a line straight across. The text said Have a Day. I laughed out loud on the street that day.


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rennie - 4/25/2004 10:20:11 PM
I heard that Dan Rather gave up 'Courage' because his wife finally said 'Enough.'

Maybe we should revive it though. I kind of enjoyed it.

Or, perhaps use a word or catch phrase related to political topics before the election. As Kevin suggests, offer up something in the elevator, just before the door closes, like, 'coffin photos.'

Lee Wilder - 4/24/2004 10:39:21 AM
I would rather not settle for a blessed day.... I was sort of looking for at least a month -- perhaps a year. And, of course, it depends on who is doing the blessing. I think I would run into the devil's arms rather than accept a blessing from some people... John Ashcroft, for example.
anita - 4/23/2004 4:57:11 PM
Like, 'What's the frequency, Kenneth?' Or maybe just, 'Courage.'


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