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Out of Our Minds
Thursday, April 22, 2004 12:37 PM
Trump Schmump
Kevin Salwen on Ethics

As management professors go, Jeff Sonnenfeld at Yale is one of the smarter ones -- and among the most gutsy. What I particularly like is how Jeff is willing to gore whatever ox he needs to gore. So, while the rest of us were going ga-ga over 'The Apprentice,' Jeff stood back to question whether it was teaching us properly. I know what many will say: 'This is entertainment; Jeff should just lighten up.' But his point is a good one:

'The selection process resembles a game of musical chairs at a Hooters restaurant where sexual baiting and pleading is confused with effective salesmanship, Sonnenfeld wrote in a Wall Street Journal article in March.

The assigned team projects neglect the core functions of leadership, such as integrity, invention and inspiration.\n\nA heated exchange of letters with the New York real estate mogul since then hasn't dampened Sonnenfeld's loathing for the values that 'The Apprentice' glorified. \n\nThe show is not the way to foster leadership or combat the 'win-at-all-costs' ethic that had taken hold in the business world, Sonnenfeld, a professor and associate dean of Yale University's School of Management, said Tuesday.\n \n'In business school, we need to bring back the role of judgment and wisdom,' said Sonnenfeld, who specializes in chief executive leadership and corporate governance.


lee wilder - 4/24/2004 9:43:22 PM
oh please! The real reality show is the nameless, faceless troll working his or her fanny off just to get noticed and move up another rung to get a seat at the departmental meeting. This is reality? To fight with some other 15 minute celebs for a plum job without any relevant training? The true test should be this: the person who can give The Donald a non-repulsive hairdo is COO for life.
Brian - 4/23/2004 8:53:15 AM
I believe the last episode with Kwame and Bill was the best at portraying the real world. They showed the problems that can show up out of nowhere and how they each handled or didn't handle them, which was Kwame's demise. They showed the real world antics that can go on in a team behind the manager's back. Was everything that went on during the Apprentice ethical, NO, but did it portray the real world today, maybe! I would also add that the traits that Donald Trump, a real estate mogul, likes are not the same as another manager at a traditional company.

The Apprentice show did teach us one thing though. To succeed you need to think outside the box and be quick on your feet. Those on the show that took one minute to breath got fired.


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