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Tuesday, March 14, 2006 3:31 PM
Hang Up and Drive
Anita Sharpe on Culture

It's a great bumper sticker and an even better law. Does anyone doubt that driving 70 miles an hour with one hand on the wheel and the other clutching a phone (which the caller is, as often as not, yelling into) an accident waiting to happen? Just about as bad: a driver so preoccupied with a call that he/she is driving 10 miles an hour and weaving (I dodged two of those in the space of 45 minutes this morning.)

England, which is just about as rough on cell-phone motorists as it is on drunk drivers, is right.


Monica Ricci - 5/10/2006 11:03:17 PM
I'm all about being safe and all but how is driving with one hand on the cell phone any MORE hazardous than driving with one hand on a Big Mac while looking in the rear view mirror and chatting with your kids? You gotta figure that people ARE going to multi-task while driving. They always have and they always will. We can't ban everything. Livin' la vida libertarian, Monica
Eliza - 3/15/2006 11:36:56 PM
Here in Connecticut, a law was passed that drivers MUST use hands-free cell phone devices while driving or else they receive tickets. Unfortunately, few people have made the switch (why spend $25 on a hands-free headset when you can risk a ticket that's 8x that?). We still have two classes of drivers: the ones who drive 70 miles an hour while cradling their phone between their ear and shoulder...and the teen-aged slow-driving weavers who can't wait to get to school to talk to their friends. (WHAT do teen-agers have to talk about that is so important?)

It would not require much effort on the part of the police to catch these people and ticket them. Stand at all corners of any intersection, or at the end of exit ramps, and just start flagging everyone to the side to the road. The influx of cash that our state would have in its budget as a result could go a long way toward improving the schools in Hartford and New Haven.


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