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Monday, March 13, 2006 8:59 AM
Tanned, Rested and Ready
Kevin Salwen on Health & Wellness

OK, maybe not tanned, but certainly rested -- I love the refreshing nature of the right vacation. And, for me, the right vacation for complete relaxation is on a ski slope. (I've been in Banff for the past week.)

Maybe it's that I can't really think of too much other than skiing, lest the limbs end up snapped in two. Or maybe it's the focus on my iPod's rockin' tunes while I'm cruising down a nice blue run. Or maybe it's the hot tub apres-ski. But I come back from these trips ready to take on the world in capital letters.

What works best for you to get the batteries recharged?


Suzie - 3/16/2006 2:41:00 PM
genevieve - 3/16/2006 1:40:54 PM
I'm a tree-lover - the latest is Nothofagus cunninghami, or myrtle beech, a Gondwanaland kind of tree that grows in alpine nooks here in Australia and in the Middle Earth locations in New Zealand. Getting fit so I can take longer walks amongst more of them and their friends, more often.
Whitney - 3/13/2006 7:50:04 PM
I went to grad school in Missouri (I'm from New England) and fell in love with several blink-and-you'll-miss-it towns -- little towns of fewer than 50 people that the railroad had left behind. They're usually neighboring some towns of a couple thousand people or less -- you have simple restaurants with unfussy menus; coffee that is Small, Medium, or Large; sporadic cell phone service (so no one can bug you while you're exploring); no traffic; clean air; nice people who look you in the eye and say 'Good Morning' and genuinely mean it; and lots of elbow room.

Or, I head for the mountains of West Virginia and explore. That area is the closest thing I've ever come to heaven on Earth.
Jackson T. - 3/13/2006 2:52:04 PM
The hustle and bustle of New York for some odd reason is very relaxing to me. Maybe it's the need to dodge taxicabs -- probably not unlike Kevin's focus to avoid breaking a limb -- but after I go to New York for a few days, I feel totally outside my routine here in our nation's heartland. I mean that in a positive way.

The trick for any vacation, I think, is to not bring a laptop, and hopefully be out of cell range. The world's problems somehow work themselves out without our meddling.

Speaking of New Yorkers, I ran across this line from Woody Allen:
'For a while we pondered whether to take a vacation or get a divorce. We decided that a trip to Bermuda is over in two weeks, but a divorce is something you always have.'
Curt Rosengren - 3/13/2006 11:42:47 AM
I can last at most a couple of days sitting on a beach before I go bonkers with boredom. For me it's not so much have nothing to do as it is doing something different to do.

That might be any one of a bazillion different things. Anything out in nature is guaranteed to help me recharge. Exploring is always a good bet, whether that is being out in the mountains hiking, on the beach looking for shells, or poking around a town I've never been before.

Physical activity does the trick as well. I've been craving some time lately to head down to Smith Rock in Oregon for a few days' climbing. Mountain biking is good, as is hiking.
Catherine Howell - 3/13/2006 10:44:28 AM
Sorry, Kevin, but there is NOTHING relaxing to me to think about all those clothes and layers and hand warmers and cold cold cold. It's beach (specifically in Hawaii) that does it for me. Ahhhhh.


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