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Out of Our Minds
Thursday, February 16, 2006 10:20 AM
Another One Bites the Dust
Anita Sharpe on Health & Wellness

A week after a massive study showed that low-fat diets don't make people thin and a couple of years after an equally large study showed that hormone treatment for menopausal women carries more risks than benefits, a major new study finds no benefit from calcium and vitamin D supplements in preventing broken bones and colorectal cancer. And, in fact, taking those supplements can increase kidney stones.

Given that all of the above treatments were recommended by doctors at one time or another -- how many times does the prevailing medical wisdom need to be debunked before people stop listening?


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Coley - 2/16/2006 1:49:51 PM
People will never stop listening, it's all a matter of how much they consider the words to be gospel. Human nature is to desire the feeling of control over our bodies, environments, lives, everything really...

As long as 'experts' offer us advice on how to gain some control over any aspect of these things, we will listen.

We also need to realize, there may be a lot of theories that have been debunked, but what about all of the things that haven't been that really are helping millions of people better their health?

My question more is, how many times do 'scientifically proven' items of medical wisdom need to be debunked before a larger part of our population starts turing to the approacheas that are more 'out there' by todays standards? People are starting to come around. A few years ago people thought I was crazy that I went to a chiropractor; now very few people that I know have never been at least once. A few years ago if I mentioned that I needed to boost my immune system with echinacea, people looked at me as though I was from another planet; now, even if people have never taken it, it seems as mainstream as the daily vitamins that nobody would see as strange to take.

My thought is, the more that scientific medical beliefs are knocked down, the more that people will reach out to alternatives to find something that works. And the more that people reach out there and find things that help, people may trade brand new research for thousands of years of practice-or at least combine the two in a healthy and safe way.


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