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Out of Our Minds
Monday, January 09, 2006 11:41 AM
Tons of Time for Creativity
Kate Yandoh on Creativity

Well, I haven't sent my Sirius dial down to check out Howard, but I do spend a lot more time than I thought on their Martha Stewart Living Channel: the programming goes way beyond canapes and do-it-yourself snow globes (not that there's anything wrong with those.)

Here are a few tips I heard on there from creativity coach Eric Maisel: how to start 2006 with plenty of time to finally bring into existence the projects you wish you had the time to do. The fact that my first reaction to the card exercise was 'Who'd have the time for that?' probably means I need to deck my floors.

Creators, start your engines...

- Pick a distant target date for the completion of a big project. In your mind's eye, slowly move through the calendar year toward your target date, experiencing the generous and even vast amount of time at your disposal between now and your completion date.

-Picture painting enough paintings for a show, composing a suite of songs, writing a dozen short stories. How many days and weeks are required? Let your intuitive understanding about the amount of time required inform how you plan for the coming months.

- Get seven decks of cards with similar backs. Lay out all seven decks on your living room rug, backs showing. This is a year of days (give or take). Let the magnitude of a year sink in. Experience this wonderful availability of time. (This is a powerful exercise.)

- Carefully count the number of days between two widely-separated holidays, for instance New Year's Day and the Fourth of July. Envision starting a large project on that first holiday (today!) and completing it by the second.


Catherine howell - 1/9/2006 10:28:01 PM
If I did that, I'd end up with muddy dog paws on several decks of playing cards sometime during the spring thaw. These tips offer us the thought that there is an expanse of time, but in my case, I often use that as an excuse to 'get to things later.' What I need instead is something that will trigger action now!
Janet Auty-Carlisle - 1/9/2006 1:27:03 PM
Hi Kate, Sounds like a great idea! People often tell me they want to be a writer and don't know how to be one. Where should they start? How do they begin? My answer is always the same....'Start with one line on one page. It doesn't have to make sense but do that.' It sounds odd but then, one the process begins, they realize that writing is thoughts, to words, to paper, or screen....and you have to begin somewhere. There were days when I was doing my relocation series of books that I would work for 14 hours and there were other days I would only work for one. The key ingredient to finishing was to start...one line at a time...and envision the completion. Seeing and ending is also important cause some stories and books may never feel like they're done. You just have to finally say enough and settle with it. Happy crafting...
Thanks for the insight. Living la vida fearless, Jan


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