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Where Fitness Fits
Nicole Leffer

Phillip Mills built the planets most popular branded group fitness programs, with over 4 million people around the globe taking his classes every week.  With all of his international experience he’s got a lot of insight into how we need to change the world.  Here’s Mills on:

Childhood Obesity:  We’ve got to do stuff about this in schools.  I said to the New Zealand Prime Minister recently: “Why are we spending ages teaching kids Latin and really old fashioned academic subjects? They should be exercising a lot more at school.” …  I’m not talking about after-school sports. I’m talking about replacing a third of the curriculum with exercise.

Diets: People must change their diets…. Maybe there will be food company regulation eventually as there has been with the cigarette companies. … If we need to put the same sort of warnings on candy bars that we put on cigarette packets then let’s do it. And let’s run massive scare campaigns around eating junk food because it’s a terrible thing for people to do to themselves.

What All Politicians and Business Leaders Should Read: Collapse: How Societies Choose To Fail Or Succeed by Jared Diamond. He’s analyzed all the reasons that societies have failed throughout history. This is stuff we have to do, we just simply have to take care of, unless we want to have wars and complete shortages and run out of water and run out of food…. I believe that if we don’t address these issues then there isn’t going to be an economy for us to compete in as little as 50 years time.

What We Should All Be Doing Ourselves: We have some serious issues in the world right now which are based around excessive consumption and unthinking and uncontrolled consumption in all sorts of ways.… People can be acting in their own backyard.  They should be doing things that you can do yourself to create sustainability – like recycling, eating organic food, using ecologically safe detergents and just all those simple little things that we can do to improve the environment.

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