Top 5 highest net worth individuals in America

When it comes to the net worth of the richest individuals in America, the top 400 adds up to almost $3.2 Trillion, According to Forbes.

So, without any further ado, let us take a look at the top 5.

Jeff Bezos

On the top of the list is the CEO and founder of Amazon, Jeff Bezos. according to Forbes, He has a net worth of 177.7 billion U.S. dollars. 

He founded his E-Commerce website Amazon back in 1994. and this is the stepping stone for Jeff Bezos rich the title of the highest net worth individuals in America. 

In 2019 due to divorce, he transferred almost a quarter of the Amazon stake to her wife Mackenzie. This made her the richest woman in America. In 2019 alone Amazon has a record revenue of 280 billion U.S. dollars. 

Elon Musk

In the second spot, we have thought CEO of Tesla, Elon Musk. in recent years the fortune Elon Musk was jumped by a massive 500%. He now has a net worth of over 150 Billion US dollars.

And all of this is due to his private market valuation from SpaceX. SpaceX is dedicated to design, manufacture and launch advanced quality spacecraft and Rockets. Founded in 2001, SpaceX is designed to take space technology to a new height. 

Bill gates

The third highest net worth individual in America is no other than Bill Gates with a net worth of almost 124 billion U.S. dollars. Bill Gates is a software developer and the founder of Microsoft. He is also a co-founder of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. 

Bill Gates is dedicated to helping the less fortunate, with the world’s largest private charitable foundation. In the early months of May 2020, this charity foundation declared to spend roughly 300,000,000 U.S. dollars to fight the pandemic, provide funding for treatment and vaccines. 

Mark Zuckerberg

#4 on the list is CEO of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg. He has a net worth of almost 100 billion U.S. dollars he started this social media giant called Facebook back in 2004 at the age of only 19. 

It was a private project only to be used among the classmates to share their names and photographs. But after seeing the message potential on his platform he took it public in May 2012. And to this day he is the owner of almost 15% of the Facebook stock. 

Warren Buffett

The man who holds the number fifth spot is no other than Warren Buffett. He’s the CEO of Berkshire Hathaway, with a network of 95 billion U.S. dollars. 

He is one of those most successful investors of all time. Berkshire Hathaway once over 60 companies. He started his investment journey at the age of 11. And he is dedicated to donating over 99% of his wealth to charitable foundations. 

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