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Worthwhile is now an Independent Retailer for BurnLounge.  Worthwhile Music has two major goals:
1. To provide our readers access to music that shares the Worthwhile sensibility.
2. To create an expansive social network of online digital music stores where our readers can feature and promote their favorite music to other Worthwhile fans and the rest of the world via the web. 


At Worthwhile, our goal is to help you work with more purpose, passion and profit. So, we've teamed up with some great people and organizations to bring you innovative ways to build a career or company with more meaning and fulfillment. We hope you'll find them helpful.

Worthwhile Calendar

A look at the best events, happenings and awards – those that fit with the Worthwhile ideals of work with purpose, passion and profit.

Bioneers SE Forum
October 20-22, 2006- Atlanta

The Southeast Leadership Forum is a 3-day showcase of innovative, sustainable solutions for business and communities. Attendees participate in three days of lively discussions, networking, visioning, hands-on workshops, organic meals, music performances as well as demonstrations of sustainable technologies for offices, shops, homes, gardens, schools and farms.
Atlanta is one of nineteen BIONEERS conferences taking place simultaneously across the United States this year. There will be a live satellite downlink from the 18th annual Bioneers Conference in San Rafel, CA. More than 25,000 people across the country will gather in towns & cities to hear from 15 visionaries and global innovators speaking in San Rafel. This year’s line up of plenary speakers includes Paul Hawken, Sofia Quintero, James Hillman, Amy Goodman, Carl Anthony, Michael Pollan and Maria Elene Durazo.

To get involved in the Atlanta forum visit www.inspiringfutures.org/bioneers  or visit  www.bioneers.org to find out more about the national org.

14th Annual Net Impact Conference
October 27-29th, 2006- Northwestern University & Downtown Chicago
Worthwhile is a media sponsor of the 14th Annual net Impact conference being held at the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University October 27-29th.

The 2006 Net Impact Conference, Navigating Global Change, is designed to help you expand your vision of the possible as you set your course through the world of business. As it has done for the past 13 years, the annual Net Impact Conference brings diverse, innovative, and trend setting sessions to both our professional and student attendees. The 2006 Conference includes specialized student sessions and a Professionals Summit, with both groups coming together for various networking events.


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Worthwhile Resources

contributing columnist Lance Secretan gave up following the herd years ago, with theories and innovative thinking that have resulted in extraordinary personal and organizational breakthroughs. During Lance’s years as an international organizational consultant and coach, he researched the attributes of ineffective leaders (through the unconventional route of asking followers!) and has developed a theory of leadership now used by thousands of organizations and individuals to enhance local and global communities. It is the subject of his 14th and latest book, ONE: The Art and Practice of Conscious Leadership – and the power fueling 30 of Fortune’s 100 Most Admired Companies and 11 of Fortune’s Best Companies to Work for lists..

In ONE, Lance offers a new vision for 21st century leadership. He traces 6,000 years of history to show how we have become detached from our innate sense of oneness, and instead, have embraced the illusion of separateness, rooted in science and rational thought. Lance reveals how this illusion has created profound misunderstandings about leadership—in companies, communities, institutions and countries—and how, once again, we can become conscious leaders—through the practice of oneness. ONE is essential reading for those who yearn for innovative ideas about leading and living consciously in ways that will inspire and transform people, organizations, and the world.

To learn more about Lance and his work, please visit his inspirational website at http://www.secretan.com/

Ariane de Bonvoisin created First 30 Days series and website after recognizing that there is a critical time period for any of us to tackle something new.

At First 30 Days, the mission is simple:
  • Help you navigate the crucial period of time following a major life event or transition
  • Give you quick access to smart, concise and targeted information to help you start your journey
  • Answer and anticipate questions you may have during this time frame through a growing community
  • Let you know you are not alone and that there are others experiencing the same thing and have successfully made it through and to create an environment that is safe and encouraging
  • Help you start, get you on the right track and give you a sense of progress within 30 days
  • Blend the emotional components of a change, addressing the hidden emotions, fears, what is not often discussed
  • Through information and inspiration, help you find your center in order to handle any life change with wisdom, strength, calmness and hope.


Cool Features They Offer:

  • Dream Email Tips- 30 daily email tips, not more, not less, to assist you in pursuing your dreams
  • The First 30 Days of Pursuing your Dream- Resources and Content- The top books, magazines, websites, experts, frequently asked questions, blogs and articles on pursuing dreams…
Visit the website at http://www.first30days.com/

Worthwhile is pleased to announce an exciting new partnership with eWomenNetwork and eWomenPublishingNetwork media group. We’ve collaborated with these powerful organizations because they are dedicated to helping women achieve professional success. Members can find services and guidance to help them market and promote their businesses and selves through accelerated community networking events, annual conferences and web tools designed specifically for aspiring professionals and authors. Visit their websites to learn more about their membership rewards and upcoming conferences: http://www.ewomennetwork.com/ and http://www.ewomenpublishingnetwork.com/.

Coaching Into Greatness is a how-to manual for leaders. Whether you are a coach, consultant, business owner, manager or trainer, to be successful you know you’ve got to lead. This book shows you (and the people you coach and work with) how to break the ultimate barriers to doing what you can do. Instead of focusing on surface level symptoms, Coaching Into Greatness shows how to get to the root cause of performance and productivity challenges. With a foreword by Lance Secretan and stories from such visionaries as Dr. Ivan Misner, Joe Vitale and Julia Butterfly Hill, among others, this worth your time and money. To learn more, visit http://www.coachingintogreatness.com/.

Click Here to Save 15% on Coaching Into Greatness & all other Wiley products

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