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What’s the Big Idea?
What is Worthwhile and when did you start it?
Worthwhile is a media company that focuses on work with purpose, passion and profit. We believe that people want their work to stand for more than a paycheck, and we believe that enlightened leaders can create companies with deep values. We launched in 2004.

Who runs this site?
Worthwhile Media is a company headquartered in Atlanta and created by two veterans of The Wall Street Journal, Anita Sharpe and Kevin Salwen. In addition to the online presence, we also publish Worthwhile magazine in print.

Your mission sounds like a different view of corporations from what I’m used to.
We agree. We strongly believe that companies can be forces for good and agents of social improvement. But we are also ardent capitalists. There simply isn’t enough money out there for all social change to happen without regenerating wealth – and far and away the best mechanism for that is good ole capitalism. Sometimes we call it Capitalism with Humanity, and when it works, it’s wonderful.

So, do you criticize companies for their missteps?
Sure we do, but you’ll find much more than that on this site and in our print pages. We focus on solutions, and on companies and individuals who are working in creative and inspiring ways. In fact, many of our readers have told us that Worthwhile inspires them to realize that they are not alone in wanting to live a worklife full of purpose and meaning.

I love the Worthwhile concept. Do you guys do partnerships?
Thanks, we love the concept too. And we love to partner with like-minded companies, conferences, nonprofits and others who can help spread the message of Work with Purpose, Passion and Profit. The easiest way to start is to contact Gregg Rosenthal, our promotions director. She is reachable at .

Paper + Ink + Inspiration = Worthwhile Magazine
Where can I find the print magazine?
We sell through great bookstores like Barnes & Noble and Borders, as well as specialty food stores such as Whole Foods and Wild Oats. To subscribe, you can click here.

What types of stories do you look for in the magazine?
We put our stories through a three-sided prism: They should be some combination of inspirational, aspirational and practical. We look for great role models of people who are living a life of purpose, passion and/or profit. We look for companies that are changing the way businesses work. We look for stories that help provide a roadmap for living a more fulfilling life.

Do you take story submissions?
Yes, but…we get lots of articles and lots more ideas. We are always eager to listen but please know it’s competitive to get into our pages. Send your proposals to .

How do I advertise in Worthwhile magazine?
We have representatives in many parts of the country (you can click here to get to the advertise tab) or you might find it easier to reach John Reock at , or call 404-872-9992 x211.

What if I have a change to my subscription?
For address changes or other subscription issues, contact our fulfillment team at 1-888-385-6820 or email .

I think I missed an issue. Can I buy past issues?
Sure, just send an email to our fantastic assistant, Nicole Leffer, and she’ll help you. She’s at .

I’m a store owner and would love to carry Worthwhile magazine. How can I do that?
Good choice! Our newsstand partner is Time/Warner Retail Sales & Marketing.  You can email Judy Cuervo at .

Pixels + Keyboards + You = Worthwhile Online
How do I join a conversation online?
That couldn’t be easier: Just click on an item and post your comment. We’d love to hear your thoughts, and these dialogues are as good as you and others make them.

Can I start a new online thread?
Not quite yet. The Web offers us so much more space than the print magazine that we’re much more open to your great ideas online. But our buildout isn’t there yet.  Stay tuned and we’ll keep you posted.

I’ve noticed that some people comment more than others.  Do you edit out people?
No, we think threads should be as open as possible. We just ask that you be respectful of others and try not to be gratuitously nasty. In other words, act nice.
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