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Thursday, April 13, 2006 10:35 AM
Gym Not So Dandy
Kate Yandoh on Health & Wellness

It must have seemed like a great idea in the meeting. Business travelers staying at nice hotels know they need to work out. They're pressed for time. Some may feel way too senior to be seen sweating in a public setting. Let's bring the workout room...into the room! I recently got one of these rooms as a 'free upgrade,' and, pardon the pun, I was pumped. In one corner of the room, a Spinning bike. In the other, an odd wooden cart packed with an exercise ball, weights, a yoga mat, and a shelf of literature including back issues of Men's Health and the collected works of Lance Armstrong. A Pilates DVD compeleted the setup. However, within moments, I noticed another exercise accessory: a lingering odor reminiscent of sweaty shoes left in the sun. No matter how high the air conditioning was cranked or how hard the housekeeping staff cleaned, this sporty perk was mine to keep. It was easy to imagine what sleeping in a locker outfitted with high thread count sheets would be like. Later, as I worked at the less-than-ergonomic desk, I could feel the bike's silent reproach. "I saw that croissant you had...you could bring that computer up here...if you're going to watch 'American Idol,' the least you can do is start pedaling..." No matter how often I reminded it of my extensive walks through the city, it wasn't enough. No thanks, workout room-I think I'd rather head down a few floors (using the stairs, of course) to a gym I can more easily leave behind.


Janet Auty-Carlisle - 4/13/2006 10:18:13 PM
Hmmmm....coming from a guy with a last name like McWatters that seems appropriate. The last hotel I stayed in had the added bonus of the sun beating into the room which enhanced the odour tremendously....My workouts are mostly done in chlorine filled pools. However, I have given up on the notion that any hotel has a pool that will really allow a proper workout. The last one I was in was 12 feet long and about the same wide....before I finished one lap it was onto the next....I kept hitting my head on the side of the pool cause I forgot how short it was....Won't do that again. Living la vida fearless, Jan
Larry McWatters - 4/13/2006 12:29:24 PM
Kate, that might be one of the funniest stories I've read in a long time. Next up -- chlorine-filled pools!


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